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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women to cultivate sexual agency, body confidence and pleasure through sex-positive education and coaching.

We are part of a growing movement that recognizes the revolutionary power of pleasure and the need for safe spaces for women to explore what sexual wellbeing and sexual fulfillment look like for them.

Rachel H.P

Executive Director,
Sexuality Educator & Coach

I am a passionate sex-education advocate, sexuality educator and coach. I have a degree in gender and human sexuality and an insatiable desire to talk about sex with everyone.
My personal difficulty achieving sexual pleasure led me on a journey of self-discovery, which inspired me turn to sex education.
Along my journey I learned that I was not alone in my struggle with negative body image, sexual shame and difficulty achieving an orgasm with partners; and that many of the women around me secretly share in one or all of those difficulties and many others, believing that something is wrong with them.
Through my work I want to help women understand that they are perfectly normal, healthy, powerful and worthy of pleasure and wellbeing.

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Client Testimonials:

The HerPleasure Workshop and Rachel HP are amazing! Rachel gives you the ins and outs of anatomy and biology & the understanding of the journey to pleasure. She creates a comfortable space to relax and enjoy the process of learning and sharing. Whether you have lots of experience or are just starting your journey I highly recommend it! 

— Emily J.

I used to think that I would never have an orgasm with a partner and that I should settle for what I was getting in my sexual encounters but I learned that I had many beliefs and fears holding me back from truly exploring myself sexually. Rachel helped me overcome my fear and I now feel like a new woman. Thank you, Rachel!

— Michelle