Women’s sexual narratives are all too often filled with disappointment, shame and pain, and not enough pleasure!

Our mission is to empower women to cultivate sexual agency, body confidence and pleasure
through sex-positive education and coaching.

Sexual Agency:


A person’s sense of entitlement to sexual fulfillment and the freedom to explore their sexuality; the capacity to identify their sexual needs and boundaries and to communicate them to partners; and the confidence to initiate behaviors that allow for the gratification of those needs.

What We Offer?​​

Online Workshops

A wide selection of fun and practical workshops on subjects such as: pleasure techniques, sexual communication, desire, and more!
New workshops added monthly!

Sexuality Coaching

Get from where you are to where you want to be with one-on-one coaching suited to your needs: practical, empowering and shame-free. All in the comfort of your home!

Private Events

Want to share the fun and wisdom with others on your own terms? Invite us to your event with a custom workshop/ presentation.
Serving Southern California and Beyond.

Who Is It For?

If you want to become more confident in your body, bedroom and relationship;
If you struggle with unsatisfactory sexual experiences;
If you want better sex or more pleasure;
If you want to finally experience that orgasm or have it with a partner;
If the thought of sex elicits negative feelings;
If you want to explore and embrace your sexuality and your body;
Or if you simply want to share, unpack and learn in a sex-positive, fun & empowering space:

This is the space for you!

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Can there be true equality in the classroom and boardroom if there isn’t in the bedroom?

Peggy Orenstein, Girls and Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape

I am done living in a world where women are lied to about their bodies; where women are objects of sexual desire but not subjects of sexual pleasure; where sex is used as a weapon against women; and where women believe their bodies are broken, simply because those bodies are not male.

Emily Nagoski, Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life